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Email marketing driven by high-performing mails, data and intelligent tactics to grow your lists.


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Freelance email marketer
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Email marketing As it should be done

Email? Today?

Yes, absolutely. Email has an average open rate of 20-30%. Compare that to the 2% read rate in the case of social media and you understand the power of email marketing. More than that, according to Litmus, email marketing has an ROI of 380%. Are you getting €38 back for every euro invested?

Email is flexible

Communicate one-on-one, when you want and on a large scale. Showcase a product someone just viewed on your website. And measure individual engagement without a problem. The possibilities of e-mail are extensive.

Our emails reach the inbox

We play the game according to the rules of your recipients and value your reputation. How? By collecting opt-ins, making expectations clear and creating emails that comply with the rules of the art.

Part of a bigger picture

Email marketing is not separate from other digital marketing efforts. On the contrary, we place email within a broader content strategy. Moreover, we set goals and KPIs in advance.

Automation is king

Email marketing can only unfold its full power when we include marketing automation in the strategy. This allows you to send personalized messages to specific segments of your database in an automated way.

Organic growth

We don't buy email lists; we use SEO, paid media, in-store sign-up campaigns and other intelligent tactics to grow your database.

Test before launch

Before clicking the send button, we test your campaign in different email clients and check for deliverability issues.


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