Freelance Linkedin expert

LinkedIn ads can help your business reach a professional audience. This sets Linkedin apart from other well-known social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram and makes it a highly efficient advertising platform for B2B organizations.


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Freelance Linkedin expert
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Reach a Professional audience

Linkedin? Something for you?

Are you operating in a B2B environment with an average customer lifetime value greater than 15k? Are you looking for someone who can do professional, desk, managerial or administrative work? Or are you looking for candidates who may be interested in training for higher educated people? Then Linkedin is most likely an efficient channel for collecting quality leads.

Benefits of Linkedin

  • People who are active on Linkedin usually keep their profile up to date.
  • Linkedin offers various interesting B2B targeting options such as sector, company size, job title, skills, etc.
  • People use Linkedin for professional purposes. If you capitalize on this then the chances are high that someone converts.
  • Through Google Ads you close the fastest contracts, through Linkedin you close the biggest.

Target group, message & offer

Advertising on Linkedin means you have to target the right audience with the right message and the right offer. Optimizing these three aspects is our job as a freelance Linkedin expert and makes sure you are successful on Linkedin.


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